GA Holdings

GA Holdings is comprised of an impressive portfolio of both commercial and residential real estate. We have holdings in Canada, England and China and have vast experience in property management in each of these countries.

We continue to grow our holdings by acquiring top properties around the world.

Oil and Gas

  • Widely used in the approaches of Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS), Steam Flooding (SF) and Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD).
  • With the integrated design concept, making the main device, support device and auxiliary device together successfully.
  • Complies with standards ASME and API, depending on the world's first fully automated production line, shorten the period of single unit production cycle to 12 working days.
  • Set pioneers the use of three through heat conduction technology, successfully realized 6.2% growth of the thermal efficiency, the modular product process reduced 1/3 equipment volume and 50% maintenance cost.
  • Applied the "modular, systematic, integrated" design concept, and introduced AGV or RGV logistics technology, mechanization of technology, robot welding technology and application of online monitoring technology, which ensures the product's performance, improving the quality of products considerably, successfully realized the goal for "zero manual moving, zero manual matching, zero manual welding".
  • Equipped with international advanced instruments which leads to long work-life, high accuracy, easy operation, safety run as well as easy to upgrade. Also combines 3G or wireless network control function, video surveillance function, DCS and sound photoelectric system. The whole working process can be monitored locally or remotely.


Our heavy construction equipment rentals company has been serving the entire Gulf. We supply all heavy construction equipment rentals such as dump truck, cranes, backhoes, compactors, dozers excavators, welding machines, Air Compressors, Generators. All our equipment are brand-new. And thoroughly inspected, so you can rely on our offered services.

"We have holdings in Canada, England and China."